Photo Diary: Road Trip

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The weekend after I finished my final university exam, the love of my life took me on a road trip to Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

^ Hamish and I were driving, talking and listening to music when we saw 20 deer running along the bushland so we jumped out of the car and quickly and quietly tried to follow them. This is the best picture I could get before they heard my shutter and remembered they left the oven on so they apologised and left quickly.

We camped for a few nights of the trip which I found interesting. I camped as a child and really loved it. As a teenager, I spent a few weeks camping and again, managed to get over looking pretty rough and managed to enjoy it. However, as an adult, I found it super difficult to get over that I couldn't have a shower, or look nice, or be able to eat anything that wasn't slightly inhabited by bugs. I felt a general uncomfortableness that made me irritable and prevented me from really enjoying myself. 
I am really keen to go camping again because firstly, I want to overcome this barrier that's stopping me from enjoying life in its most basic way and secondly, I want to find new ways to feel more comfortable and make the most out of the camping experience.

We drove through the Grampians and hiked the pinnacle hike. I love going on adventures with Hamish. He has this ability to see the good in everything and while I am drowning in sweat and can see my death coming towards me in the form of rocky steps, he motivates me to keep going by telling me he will give me chocolate when we reach the top. That kid knows the way to my heart.

I have always had wanderlust and a drive to always have new experiences, but sometimes when it happens I get a little overwhelmed. I am an introvert who is slowly learning to become an extrovert, but I still have instances (especially in unfamiliar territory) where I struggle to take in the beauty of a moment because I am out of my comfort zone. I am so thankful to have Hamish by my side. He is so adventurous and has no anxiety about the world and is able to encourage me to experience more. He makes it easier leaving the buildings and areas I attach the label "home" to, because he is the person who is really my home.

long time no blog...

Hey internet slice!
it's been a hot minute since I dedicated some proper time to prodding my keyboard. That was a weird way to put it.
A lot has happened since I wrote last.
I dyed my hair back to my ~natural~ ginger colour and I moved to sunny Queensland.

I moved about a month and a half ago and boy, it was a journey. It was a physical journey absolutely (1400kms), but it was also a hectic emotional and spiritual journey too. I wouldn't be so bold as to say that journey is now completely over, but my heart is calming down and I'm starting to feel peace again.

I am undoubtedly a worrier and overthinker by nature. It is a part of who I am, and a reason for me wanting to pursue Psychology. However, as I am getting older I am realising that maybe being an over-thinker is not helpful to me.
The process of moving from Victoria to Queensland, as mentioned above, was difficult. It was something that I wanted to do, but on my mental list of pros and cons, there were some significant cons. This included not having immediate access to my beautiful family and friends. It meant leaving my job and it meant I had to find a way to get rid of 95% of my furniture. It was stressful.
But I am SO TIRED of holding on to that negativity.
The main pro of moving is that I get to see my handsome, intelligent, funny and beautiful boyfriend almost daily. It is something I have longed for, for FIVE years!

My overthinking tendencies have got me to a state where I am clinging to these 'cons' instead of enjoying this dream-come-true time with my soulmate. It has got me to waking up every morning with a weight on my chest, asking myself "did I make the right decision?". It has got me addicted to stupid iPhone apps to calm myself down again. And it has got me to a state where I am constantly criticising every thought and every doubt I have, asking if it means something more than it does. I have always believed, (& still do) that everything happens for a reason and yet here I am, having no faith in myself and no faith in my journey.

My mother, being the wise and incredible woman that she is, gave me the best advice that she read from Russ Harris. She told me to recognise my thoughts and ask myself, "Is this helpful to me?" and If it's not, to take a big breath and think of something else. This might seem obvious to some people. I mean, if you don't like thinking it, think of something else? But I feel like I can get swept away in my deep sea ocean of a mind and forget to come up for air.

This is very much another ramblings post but I have been busting to write a new post and I really needed the cathartic experience of typing out what's been going on in my life.
I really want to put in the effort to make a post every week, and I hope they arent all ramblings.

long-distance relationships

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sometimes there are things in life that do not make any sense whatsoever.

When I die and hopefully go to heaven, I have so many questions for God. The first question will be, why does delicious food make you fat? This is something I ponder on the regular and then get angry about then accept and then basically go through the stages of grief before eating a carrot stick and feeling sad.
Secondly, I would like to know why we bite our own tongues. I feel like that that was a bit of a design flaw not that I'm being picky or anything.
While those are very serious and rather important questions, I think the very most important question I have is 'Why was it that the person I loved most had to live so far away from me for so many years?'

five years to be specific.

Each one of them has been unique in varying degrees however one aspect remained consistent- they were all terrible, and so is the one we are doing right now. To put five years in perspective, we were freshly eighteen years old when we parted ways and are still apart at the ripe old age of twenty two and we will be twenty three when its over.

Over these long years I have learned a few things and if you happened to stumble across my little slice of the internet, perhaps I can offer you some advice on the topic. You see, while I maintain that long-distance relationships suck, if I got taken back five years and had to do it again, I would.

It is so so so crucial that you talk all the damn time. Daily preferably, and even more than that if you can. Facetime, Skype, texting, phone calls, facebook are all at your disposal and long gone are the days where you relied solely on your faithful postman to deliver your whimsical love notes. One of the best things about being in a long-distance relationship is that you actually have to talk to each other and are forced to realise if you are even compatible personality wise. Its all well and good if you're only attracted to each other physically if you can be physically together, but as soon as you're only intellectually together, its a whole new story. Talking about how your day went and what you got up to only makes a conversation interesting for about 5-10 minutes. To maintain a long-distance relationship you need to talk for way longer than that and the best way to do that is to realise your common interests. This takes me to my second point.

When you are apart, you are no longer dependent on each other. That means that if you want to try new things that your partner might not be interested in doing, you have complete freedom to do so. There is no part of you that is wondering if the other person is having a good time. This kind of freedom allows for a lot of personal growth which will either contribute to your relationship or destroy it. While this may not sound like a good thing, it is more important that you are with the right person than being blindly committed to someone who has moved away. If you are/were my age, this is literally living the best of both 'single' and 'in a relationship' worlds.  You can develop your personality all while having a loving and supportive partner to call at the end of the day.

It is so important that you take the time to see each other. This might sound obvious, but it is worth so much more than just seeing your partner face to face. When you visit, you enter their world. You meet the people they are friends with, you eat at the places they eat and you see all the sights they see. You become a real person in their friends lives and hopefully, you'll get along with them and make some new friends yourself. Visiting your loved one will allow you to explore more of the world and expand your knowledge of different places. When you get back from visiting, this also opens many more doors for conversations. You can finally understand what your partner is talking about when they mention Erica from work's 80's hairstyle or Dave from the coffee shop's put-on French accent. Though I am sure you are the cats pyjamas in their eyes, entering their new life makes you relevant again and ensures you are being missed and not forgotten.

Remember that everyone is different and everyone has a different story to tell. You will probably encounter people who think you are naive or just plain simple for thinking a long-distance relationship will work out. It is entirely possible that they are correct and it wont work out but its also entirely possible that it will. Be honest with yourself and don't stay in the relationship purely out of stubbornness or to prove people wrong, but don't get caught up in other people's uninformed opinions either. You might not believe in fate or soul mates, but if you think you have found 'the one' or someone worth waiting for, everyone else and their shitty opinions can mind their own bees.

The key to a good relationship regardless of location to one another is remembering that if you believe in your commitment to each other, it does not need to be justified to anyone else.

Polyvore: Baby in the summertime

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Every now and again I find myself having a play over on Polyvore.
I have mentioned this before, but I often realise Im making a set when the weather changes and I need to have a think about what I want to wear for the season.
Its summer here in Australia and as the weather heats up, Im looking for clothes that are not only comfortable in the heat, but have some style to them too. Its so easy in summer to put on my gym shorts and any old t-shirt and sweat out the day, dreaming of the winter months, but sometimes its nice to put in that extra effort to look put together.


lets eat in

-Meg xo

Feeling 22

Up until this point, I have always felt excited about becoming one year older and wiser.
It seems that with each age comes a new milestone in the form of responsibility or freedom. Learning to drive, being allowed into R rated movies (not that I really care for flicks full of nudie bums or murder), and being allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages all come along with unlocking a new age.

On the 31st of December 2014 I turned 21. My parents, step-parents and grandparents all put together and gave me a car which I am crazy, insanely grateful for. A few weeks later I got my drivers licence and even though this is normally the process of an 18 year old, It was my milestone for turning 21. I had already moved out of home, started university (twice), and had moved cities (and back) by this point. I suppose what I am slowly getting at, is that I am nervous that all the fun milestones are running out and I am soon going to be left with the real adult milestones, like graduating, getting married and having children. Please don't get me wrong, I am a bouncing bag of giddy beans about doing those things one day, but I thought I had more teenage-young-adult-time left.
I thought I had more time to make mistakes, more time to reach my health goals and more time to get away with stuff because I'm still young and stupid.

I also thought by this point, merely three sunsets and sun rises away from turning 22, I would be more of a properly real fully fledged adult with my shit together. Someone out there has some explaining to do because I kid you not, tonight I dined on chocolate and a glass of cheap red wine because to quote parks and recreation queen, Leslie Knope, "I cant tell the difference".

I am beginning to wonder if what I am doing actually is adulthood, and no-one was honest enough to say that its not like the ad's you see on the telly where you drive a big car, have a husband, two kids and know how to cook. Am I  actually doing it right and I don't actually have to cook chicken and leek pies and salmon on rice every night?
I tell you what, I would love a chicken and leek pie now. dammit.
BRB, looking up pie recipes. or calling mum.

called mum, she said to put tarragon in it. Genius.

^is adulthood still calling mum for advice?

All this ramble aside, there are so many benefits and excitements that come along with turning twenty two. The older you get, the more people leave you alone and let you do your thang. (I am choosing to ignore that red squiggly line under 'thang' because I am a grown up and don't need to take judgement from a spell checker)
I will also have a whole day where I can sing Taylor Swift's 22 and lots of people will probably mention that song all day and thats a plus in my book.

Polyvore: In between the seasons

Friday, 21 August 2015


As spring is nearing in the land down under I have been particularly inspired to create some 'in between' outfits. To me, an 'in between' outfit is when you are adjusting from one season to another, especially Autumn and Spring, where there is a combination of cool breezes and warm sunlight.
 I hope you like some of the combinations I created.
 enjoy x

Dungarees for Daze

in between



-Meg xo

Late night ramblings


The human condition is a funny thing. To be successful at being a human can mean many things. Earning lots of money, becoming famous and recognised, finding purpose by aiding people and seeing all the sights planet Earth has to see are just a few ways that people find happiness, purpose and satisfaction.

Do you ever wander where your life is going to take you? Whether you will end up fulfilling your dreams? Finding the confidence to do all the things you ever wanted? Finding the means to experience all life has to offer? I do. And I worry about it too. I worry that I will live my life with regret of the year before, having not taken enough chances to find out what makes me tick and what will bring me happiness, purpose and satisfaction. I worry that I will end up an old lady and look back on my life thinking that all I ever did was play it safe and never amounted to anything. Only, I don't know what I want to amount to.

At the moment I am studying a bachelor of Psychological Science. It is pretty interesting but if we are going to be completely honest here, a fair amount of the reason of why I am doing it is because I thought it made me sound smart. Shallow, yeah? I used to study a bachelor of Arts but people kept giving me snide comments like 'Yeah, I heard that degree is about as useful as toilet paper' and, 'Apparently they staple McDonald's applications to those degrees'. Something in me snapped. I was sick of being underestimated and terrified that I was wasting my time (and money) on a degree that would literally take me no where. So I moved back home and here I am. While I sound smarter than I did, I am just as at a loss of what I want to do with my life as before.

I have heard that a great place to start finding purpose is to look at the things you love and find a way to turn it into a career. Without sounding too much like a negative nancy, I feel like the things I find interesting are quite materialistic and to enter the career fields of which is wildly competitive and succeeding is rare.  Things such as fashion, beauty, travel, design, photography and art are what I love most but to succeed you really have to put yourself out there and I'm not sure if I could handle being scrutinised like that. Especially by people I know. Thats why I keep this blog fairly private from my friends and family. At this stage I haven't even told my boyfriend that this blog exists-- not that it has really amounted to anything so far.

I would like to do so many things. I would love to pursue a career in interior decorating. Even being a make up artist would be really fun and interesting. To travel the world and blog about my adventures would be a dream come true but I don't see that happening. Oh well, we may never know- a year from now I could be on a plane to New York to experience life and put it on my booming blog! ha! … but I can dream. And day dreaming is a wonderful past time.

This post has become quite personal and I can't decide whether or not to actually post it, but it is a nice cathartic exercise to get things out sometimes. Maybe someone will some how come across this blog and give me some advice. If you are reading this, help?

Thank you for listening and let me ramble on a bit.
-Meg xo